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Giant Cave Roach (Blaberus giganteus)

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The Madagascar hissing cockroach is, without a doubt our favorite and is probably the most commonly kept cockroach in the US and much of the world.  The "horns" or bumps on the pronotum of the male (as seen on the male above) are actually used in fighting other males and can also give you a way of visually identifying the male from the female for the female doesn't have them. (as seen on the female at the top of the page) Hissers do not have a defensive smell but rely on their thickness of hide and noise-making  abilities to defend themselves. G.portentosa can range from 40-78mm (1 and 3/4 to 3+inches). Females among most cultures can reach seventy millimeters although males are normally much smaller. Males found in most cultures never measure over 50mm probably  due to inbreeding or just the smaller males becoming adults more quickly and mating sooner. Adult coloration is variable and seems to be more food determined than genetic. Roach cultures tend to shift color (over time) depending on what their owner's feed them. Feeding only affects coloration when still nymphs. Adults will never change to another color because they do not molt.

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